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Bursa wastewater; Bursa wastewater;

Bursa Wastewater Project II, Bursa

Developing sewerage and storm drainage networks for wastewater treatment plants

Located in western Türkiye, to the south of Marmara Sea, Bursa is the fourth most populated metropolitan centre in the country. The city was the first Ottoman capital and holds important industries and cultural heritage.

Since 2005, the service area for Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration General Directorate (BUSKI) was expanded by more than tenfold, with the population nearly doubling. 

BUSKİ, who received a loan for Bursa Wastewater Project II from the EIB, has allocated part of this loan for the contract for the technical assistance and consulting services for the second stage of the Bursa wastewater project.

Arup, together with Temelsu, provided the following services:

Technical Assistance for Project Management: Coordination among BUSKI, EIB, Treasury and State Planning Office; developing tools for institutional project management and progress monitoring; preparations and administration for tendering and contracting for 4 separate contracts.

Design Services: For a total of 944 km of preliminary and 545 km tender (final) designs for wastewater and storm drainage lines, and 22 pump stations with 75 pumps with capacities varying from 8 to 235 lt/s were prepared in 10 sub-catchments of central Bursa Province.

Construction Supervision Services: AR-TEM supervised 5 contracts where the accomplishments included all stages of FIDIC contract implementations, from start-ups through commissioning and acceptance stages. In total, 301.17 km of main sewer lines and 19.4 km of storm boxes and canals were completed and commissioned, along with the necessary pump stations. 

Arup, together with Temelsu, is providing technical assistance and consultancy services to BUSKİ.

The scope of services include assistance with tendering and contracting of the works, preparation of tender designs for the sewerage and storm drainage networks (over 500 km) as well as supervision and consulting services during implementation of the main collectors of the sewerage and storm drainage systems.