Cairns City Centre Master Plan Review, Cairns

The City Centre Master Plan aims to guide key projects for the next five years

Arup is part of the consultant team currently undertaking the review of the Cairns City Centre and Esplanade Parklands Master Plans in order to prepare a single master plan for the precinct. The study will take in the area bounded by Wharf, Draper and Minnie Streets, plus the full length of the Esplanade. It will identify the area as the city’s primary cultural hub and will promote connectivity between the venue and other key areas of the CBD.

The City Centre Master Plan aims to guide key projects for the next five years and identify future opportunities for public space within the CBD while setting project goals to improve use of the area. The renewed plan was expected to reflect the principles of the CairnsPlan 2016 Planning Scheme, with a stronger focus on tropical urbanism and connectivity.

A key update to the Cairns City Centre Master Plan will be the incorporation of a smart city overlay that brings technology into the master plan area to deliver benefits for both the users of the area and Council as the manager of the space.

Having undertaken a number of traffic studies within the Cairns CBD and also providing traffic assessments for numerous developments in the city, Arup has a strong understanding of the Cairns traffic and transport network. Key considerations of the master plan review include the Cairns Transit Network, cycling facilities, pedestrian facilities, parking provisions and layout of the overall road network. Traffic and transport strategies will be provided as part of the master plan review and incorporated to improve connectivity, accessibility and legibility between the key areas within the city centre.