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Camp Adventure Tower; Camp Adventure Tower;

Camp Adventure Tower, Haslev, Zealand

Engineering Camp Adventure Tower - Denmark's spiralling treetop attraction

Denmark’s Camp Adventure is an accessible treetop observation tower, designed by Danish architecture studio EFFEKT and engineered by Arup to deliver breathtaking views of protected forest one hour south of Copenhagen.

Our structural and civil engineers were involved from the concept design stage. The design of the 45-meter high spiralling tower marries a unique piece of structural architecture to its natural context, allowing visitors to enjoy multiple vistas of the forest canopy.

Made of weathered steel and locally sourced oak wood, the tower is designed to gently echo and blend in with the natural environment. It will act as a vantage point from which visitors can enjoy unfettered views of the protected woodland of Camp Adventure, home to the country’s largest treetop climbing park.

Arup worked with the architect to take the project from inception to delivery, responding to the firm’s commitment to Total Design. 

Project Summary

45m high spiralling tower

640mlong spiralling ramp

12revolutions to get to the top

Digital tools help deliver complex geometries

The brief for our team was to deliver a visually arresting observation tower that was sympathetic to its surrounds, while offering step-free access to all visitors. 

Technically, close collaboration with the architect and the client was integral to the successful delivery of a design proposal that showcased our advanced geometric modelling skills. Arup provided geotechnical, structural and electrical engineering services.

This collaborative approach, together with cutting edge design technology, meant the designers were able to evaluate different design solutions, while having immediate insight on the final budget impact. 

Impressions of Camp Adventure representatives and visitors at the official opening of the Observation Tower. © Kongshaug Productions
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The entire design process serves as a novel example of digital best practice, and demonstrates how the digital environment can promote engineer-architect collaboration and holistic thinking in the design of ambitious architecture ” Sean Lineham Sean Lineham Structural Engineer

Camp Adventure observation tower's spiraling ramp made out of steel and wood. © SydkystDanmark Camp Adventure observation tower's spiraling ramp made out of steel and wood. © SydkystDanmark

The tower owes its characteristic hyperboloid shape to the straight structural steel elements, which were rotated to create an efficient yet visually striking structure. 

Engineers and architects also focused on optimising the use of steel, successfully executed by means of a digitally-driven process that helped determine the optimal height of 45 metres.

The geometry of the tower is also governed by the ramp inclination requirements so that the viewing platform can be accessed by all visitors. The use of our footfall modelling software helped ensure visitor comfort for such a complex walkway.


  • Best of Best (Concept) – German Design Council 

  • ICONIC Award 2017 – Visionary Architecture

  • Winner of South Coast Denmark's Best Tourism Initiative 2018

  • ESDA Public Award 2021

  • European Steel Award of Merit 2021