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Casa Encendida; Casa Encendida;

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Refurbishment of a historic building in Madrid for use as a cultural centre

La Casa Encendida is the social and cultural centre of the `Fundación Especial Caja Madrid´ (Madrid Building Society Foundation), which brings together the most avant-garde artistic expressions.

Located in a historic building in Madrid, the centre has been refurbished to include spaces for dramatic arts, cinema, exhibitions and other displays of contemporary artistic creation.

The refurbishment project including covering the existing interior atria with a suspended glass roof. This was achieved using a steel beam structure with an adjustable aluminium slat system installed to control light and solar radiation.

Over time this cover started to leak and Arup was contracted to design an action plan to prevent leaks and monitor the repair work.

Arup was also responsible for the installation of audio-visual and acoustic facilities for the auditorium, the projection room, the atria and the radio studio.