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Catellana 81; Catellana 81;

Castellana 81, Madrid

A Madrid icon positioned at the forefront of sustainability, accessibility and technology

Castellana 81, a Sáenz de Oiza masterpiece, is one of the most important icons in the urban landscape of modern Madrid and a benchmark of 20th century Spanish architecture. After an ambitious rehabilitation, the building is projected into the future as symbol of sustainability, accessibility and technology.

Arup’s work included LEED certification for the renovation of the interior spaces and facilities, as well as a full programme of measures to position the building as one of the most sustainable and efficient buildings in the commercial market in Madrid. The measures included a water savings of 42% over standard consumption and lighting energy reduced by 50%. 

The uniqueness of Castellana 81 was respected during the refurbishment of its façade and interior structure.

Interior view of the building. Credit: GMP Interior view of the building. Credit: GMP

Innovation in sustainability and well-being

The work carried out during the refurbishment of Castellana 81 has provided the building with new functionalities and the most innovative trends in sustainability and wellness focused on reducing the environmental impact, improving air quality and taking care of the health of the people inside. The rehabilitation has preserved the historical and cultural value of Castellana 81, while projecting it into the future by transforming it into an efficient and environmentally responsible building.

Our services during the rehabilitation included sustainability and energy consulting, coordination of the LEED Core & Shell certification process, and the coordination of the building's WELL certification process, which assesses the building's impact on health, comfort and the well-being of its occupants. Castellana 81 has achieved WELL New and existing buildings Gold certification, the first one in Spain. 

As a result of the rehabilitation and consultancy work, the building has been awarded the LEED CS level platinum certification, the highest in its category and the first to achieve it in the Castellana axis in Madrid.