Caudan Waterfront Development; Caudan Waterfront Development;

Caudan Waterfront Development, Port Louis

An essential tourist, cultural and commercial centre at the heart of Port Louis

Arup worked closely with the client and architect from conception, assisting in the development of options for layout and structural form. This early and collaborative involvement, drawing on the skills of multiple technical disciplines together with the knowledge of many project stakeholders is typical of Arup’s core value of facilitating ‘total architecture’.

Arup's services went beyond those normally expected of a structural engineer: assisting the architect in the detailing of hand-crafted pergola and external canopies, internal stainless steel stairways and other high quality fittings.

Foundations were straightforward using driven or cast in-situ, reinforced, concrete piles to a depth of approximately 9m. The exception was the relatively small footprint of the Labourdonnais Hotel, where the basalt formation was at 9m on one side of the building footprint and at 27m on the other, demonstrating the variability of ground conditions in the region.

Arup infrastructure team was responsible for the design of the marine structures, including new sections of sheet-piled quay wall and the rehabilitation of existing sections of quay wall. Arup also coordinated the connection of all site services to the public networks including electricity, water supply, telecoms and sewerage.

Caudan Waterfront Development Caudan Waterfront Development
The Caudan Waterfront has become an essential tourist, cultural and commercial centre at the heart of Port Louis