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CEAR World Sailing Championship HQ; CEAR World Sailing Championship HQ;

CEAR World Sailing championship HQ, Santander

Multidisciplinary services and sailors training facility designed to perform as a public space.

The Elite Sailing Training Centre (CEAR) is a high standard sailors training facility designed to be used as a public space. 

This 2000m2-single-storey building combines private and public uses in a harmonious way, bringing together the city and its citizens with the environment through an unconventional design.

The interiors are naturally lit through the north, east and west façades, and through several skylights placed on the deck.

While the ground floor act as a warehouse to store small sailboats, the sea side of the roof forms terraces with a pedestrian access ramp from ground level to the roof plaza that allows the public to watch regattas and nautical activities being carried out at the Bay of Santander. 

A visual opening to the bay

The roof forms a sort of topography, with a northern area which acts as an inclined garden-plan with endings becoming ramps or stairs; a central area that works as a viewpoint and a southern area consisting of a set of bleachers oriented to the Bay of Santander.

This building’s design brings value to an area of the Santander Port which is being regenerated for public use and generates both a visual opening to the sea and to the city.

Our services in this building included from structural and building services engineering to fire consulting.