Changi Airport terminal 4; Changi Airport terminal 4;

Changi Airport Terminal 4, Singapore

Redefining travelling experience with smart technology

Opened in October 2017, Terminal 4 at Changi Airport (T4) accommodates up to 16 million passengers per annum bringing the total annual passenger capacity of the World’s Best Airport (Skytrax 2018) to 82 million. Arup was appointed by Changi Airport Group (CAG) to conduct and facilitate the design, tendering and project management of the integrated information display system (IIDS) and façade engineering design for T4.

The new terminal boasts an IIDS and content management system (CMS) that ensure timely and accurate information distribution throughout the entire airport. The systems are an essential part of airport operations and have been designed to support T4’s operations.

In addition to information systems, Arup’s façade designers collaborated closely with SAA Architects to deliver the technical and engineering design for the exterior building envelope and the metal roof for the terminal. The strategic selection of materials coupled with innovative design and engineering techniques sought to further cement the positive visitor experience at T4.

Project Summary

455 displays deployed

100+ORAT trials conducted

16mmore passengers served each year

Redefining air travel

Arup conducted a comprehensive business review which analysed the existing information display systems and operational workflows, market trends and benchmarks from other international airports to determine the most appropriate IIDS solution for T4.

Turnkey solutions

Arup was involved from pre-tendering stage through to testing and commissioning, including operational readiness, activation and transition (ORAT) trials. CAG carried out more than 100 trials with over 2,500 staff and 7,500 volunteers to fully test all aspects of the new terminal. This gave assurance and confidence that all facets of the complex IIDS were operationally ready ahead of the arrival of the first passengers.

Despite the challenging deadline to deliver mission-critical systems coupled with constraints on the ground, Arup successfully completed the design to specification.

Paving the Way

Complemented by the CMS, Terminal 4’s IIDS provides real-time flight information and engaging content, whether scheduled or on-demand, to displays at check-in counters, arrival hall, baggage collection hall and transit areas to ensure a stress-free passenger experience.

Our novel ideas put forward in the design process demonstrated how traditional systems such as the IIDS can contribute to passenger comfort.

Innovative facade design merging functionality and aesthetics

The facade at T4 incorporates a combination of glazing and sunshades designed to achieve sustainability and energy efficiency while contributing positively to the passenger experience. An important design element for the building envelope involved the use of low iron substrate glass with low emissivity (Low-E) coating to reflect solar heat gain while ensuring minimal colour distortion. This resulted in the provision of balanced daylighting to mitigate glare and attain enhanced thermal comfort.

The glazing and sunshades were also designed to immerse seamlessly into the façade, serving as a bespoke aesthetical element and adding a distinctive character to the terminal. The aerodynamic shape of the sunshades also further ensured the even distribution of light and minimised heat gain.

The skylights across the terminal espoused a trellis design and allowed for ample daylight to penetrate interior spaces, providing an abundance of natural lighting and bright colours. This unique design ensured that light was redirected to open spaces and reflected away from operationally crucial areas for the benefit of staff and visitors alike.

Changi Airport T4 brings together the best in tailored information systems, aesthetic design and engineering efficiency, all intended to ensure the satisfaction of its visitors and staff. The modern and technologically advanced terminal marks a milestone in Singapore’s aviation history. ” Jack Chan - Arup East Asia Digital Services Leader Jacky Chan Associate Director