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Chernomoritz Spa Hotel, Sochi

5* luxury hotel complex on a plot of land stretching 1 km along the Sochi coast

Preparing for the world’s eyes to be upon it when it was announced as the Host City for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi began to undergo a radical transformation from “fading Soviet-era Black Sea resort” to a thoroughly modern city with world class sporting facilities and hotels.

This project was designed within the overall infrastructure plan for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014. The complex is located at the Black Sea coast on a 14 hectare site.

It comprises buildings of various types and heights – both classic hotel rooms and individual villas and buildings with apartments. In total, it makes 800 rooms available for guests. In addition to accommodation there is a spa and fitness centre with swimming pools, restaurants, recreation areas, gyms and parking areas.

Through careful planning and design, all the buildings on site are effectively integrated into the surrounding area, with power and utilities provided from dedicated technical buildings, discretely hidden in the landscape.

Both for Arup and our client, it was extremely important that design of the complex allowed for the flexibility of usage after the Olympic Games – legacy.

We incorporated exotic architectural ideas into the structure that is built in an area with very high seismicity and difficult geological conditions – but today stands as a monument of elegance and luxury.