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Childrens Hospital Warsaw, Warsaw

One of the most outstanding investments within the medical market in Poland.

The children's hospital extension consists of five floors, including one underground floor, with a total usable area of more than 3,700m2.

The newly constructed building is currently the centre of the entire hospital complex. It includes state-of-the art hospital departments such as an emergency room, an intensive care department, an operating theatre and a recovery ward.

The operating theatre includes five operating rooms equipped with highly specialised medical equipment permitting operations in the fields of general surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, ophthalmology and laryngology.

Delivering on schedule

We were responsible for the geotechnical, construction and structural supervision over the performance of trade-specific works, the delivery of medical equipment, cost control and approval of different systems within the facility. This includes ventilation and air conditioning of the operating theatre, the ice water system and building management systems (BMS).

The hospital was constructed as a turn-key project in a time span of 24 months, which makes it one of the most outstanding investments of this kind within the medical market in Poland.

Despite the strain on efficient medical equipment delivery, the hospital was completed within the agreed time frame.