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Chloe Store, Munich

Chloé’s lighting scheme treats the store like a gallery space, transforming the merchandise into art.

In Germany, one of Chloé small boutiques is tucked away on a side street providing a welcome relief to the busy Maximilianstraße in Munich’s high-end shopping district.


Chloé’s lighting scheme treats the store like a gallery space in which pieces of merchandise become works of art that are the central focus of the store. Arup’s lighting designers accomplished this with a combination of diffuse ambient lighting with stronger accent lighting for the merchandise.

Daylight and artificial lighting provide the ground floor lighting. Simple architectural track-mounted spotlights accent the merchandise. The luminaire takes a number of different lamp types and attachments to achieve all the required lighting effects whilst maintaining a coherent scheme. For example, a spotlight with an elliptical lens is used to light the sleeve of a garment.

A degree of drama

The catwalk area and fitting rooms add a degree of drama to the shopping experience. The gold beaded curtain at the catwalk entrance is lit with a narrow beam spotlight casting a shaft of light across the beads revealing their form and colour.

Once inside, the fitting rooms themselves are lit simply with integral mirror lighting and a concealed light below the low bench that casts a soft wash of light onto the floor below. Upon leaving the fitting rooms the space is lit with a backlit window behind the mirror creating a soft diffuse light perfect for viewing the clothing. The brighter lighting level in this area creates a dramatic contrast.

Arup’s lighting designers worked with Sophie Hicks Architects to develop the architectural and lighting concept that is to be implemented worldwide, following the flagship store on London’s prominent Sloane Street.