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Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk; Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk;

Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk, Chongqing

China’s first high-speed rail TOD project in a commercial district

Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk, seamlessly integrated with the Shapingba Station, is China’s first high-speed rail transit-oriented development (TOD) project in a commercial district. As the terminal station of the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail, this complex will revitalise the old area and accelerate the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.

The development comprises a 7-storey underground transportation hub, a 7-storey shopping mall and six office towers ranging from 84m to 181m in height with a total GFA of 480,000m².

Arup provided MEP engineering, vertical transportation and traffic consulting for this project.

Project Summary

480,000 total GFA

7-storeyunderground transportation hub

6office towers

Navigating the complexity of multiple interfaces

The development, on top of an integrated transport hub with rail, high-speed rail and bus lines running through, posed many design challenges resulting from its multiple stakeholders – including the railway bureau, metro company and commercial developer – and mixed functions.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in delivering complex TOD projects, we coordinated with various stakeholders to ensure smooth work progress. Our MEP engineers carefully located the plantrooms and optimised system layout throughout the huge space – over 70m in height spanning around 700m.

Forecasting the traffic flow

We carried out peak-hour traffic flow forecast for efficient resources and facilities allocation to better meet the traffic load of different areas and inform the interchange arrangement between various transport modes.

With the project already in operation, we plan to collect, investigate and study the operational data to establish a reliable reference standard for future TOD projects in China.

We also developed an innovative vertical transportation strategy that integrates with elevators and lift calculation with outdoor traffic flow forecast, optimising the daily operation of the development.

Exterior view of Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk Exterior view of Chongqing Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk

Designing a sustainable indoor environment

Another highlight is the canopy of the cultural centre in the development, for which we provided a passive design approach. Combining results from on-site testing of existing retail and CFD simulation, thermochromic glass and aluminium panels were adopted to reduce energy consumption and improve thermal comfort in the atrium.