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City of Knowledge; City of Knowledge;

City of Knowledge, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid

This ambitious project brings businesses together to create over 42,000 jobs

Arup has been contracted to create a development strategy for the future City of Knowledge in Madrid. The project is part of the Madrid metropolitan government’s ambition to position itself as one of the 20 most competitive regions of the world in 2020.

Development area

The 1,500ha site is situated between the town of Colmenar Viejo and the vibrant Chamartin business district. The development strategy encompasses spatial strategies combined with economic and sustainable strategy for the two mixed-use districts.

The vision for Knowledge City is based on rigorous understanding of the constraints – topography, ecologically sensitive areas and drainage.

These conditions inform a design that promotes the use of the existing landscape as key public spaces, the minimisation of 'cut and fill' and the creation of an appropriate response for the local climate.

Bringing businesses together

The project will be part of a new knowledge-development area in the north of Madrid, bringing together businesses and ‘knowledge clusters’. A highly efficient public transport network will help to protect the natural environment.

Multidisciplinary Arup teams from Madrid, Berlin, and London have prepared the development strategy including transport and mobilityinfrastructurewater management, waste, information and communication technology, energy, and urban design.

This ambitious project aims to assist the creation and location of more than 1,500 companies involved in research, technology, innovation and creativity, generating over 42,000 direct jobs (32,000 of which will be skilled).

Completing the overall programme, the project features a range of complementary facilities aimed towards creating a mixed, diverse and creative city which contributes to attracting and retaining talent.