City Recital Hall, Sydney; City Recital Hall, Sydney;

City Recital Hall, Sydney

A classic 'shoe box' design in a new auditorium

The City Recital Hall in Sydney provides a 1200 seat auditorium for chamber music and recitals. Based on the classic ‘shoe box’ form, it is made up of narrow stalls, and two circle levels.

Arup provided acoustic design services to the project, incorporating a system of sound absorptive panels and banners which can be used to modify the reverberance to suit conventions and other speech uses, which are a secondary function of the hall.

Due to its proximity to nearby underground railways, the entire hall is supported on resilient rubber bearing pads. This offers isolation from the railway’s vibrations, which would otherwise be heard inside the hall.

The design also incorporated substantial noise control for the air-conditioning systems located above the auditorium.