Citylife libeskind museum, Milan

18,000 m2 for a new Museum of Contemporary Art in the heart of Milan.

The New Museum of Contemporary Art is part of the former "Fair area" - part of the area redevelopment that will lead to the construction of the three towers by the architects Libeskind, Hadid and Isozaki.

Arup was responsible for the structural concept and final design of the façade system, SMEP aspects, lighting and acoustics, vertical transportation, audio/video systems and fire engineering.

The SMEP strategy of a Museum of Contemporary Art aims to ensure the sensory experience of the visitor, through spaces that ensure comfort and at the same time provide protection of physical and perceptive works of art. For these reasons, Arup placed at the center of the design, the adaptability of the exhibition spaces and the flexibility of use, energy efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Building´s design

The geometry of the building is based on the transformation in plant from a square shape to a circumference at the top, with a progressive offset of each plan than the one below.

In order to support the offset of the structure, the perimeter walls of the building have a stabilizing function to transfer the gravity loads to the RC cores, and to the point where the walls overlap.