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A render of the new Nordhavn metro station; A render of the new Nordhavn metro station;

Cityringen – Branch off to Nordhavn, Copenhagen

Developing a transport hub for a docklands redevelopment in Copenhagen

The Nordhavn metro is a dual track metro branching off from Copenhagen's Cityringen metro, which opened in 2019. This new branch will unlock the potential for the Nordhavn masterplan by developing a transport hub for a docklands redevelopment in the city. 

Arup’s role as part of the Joint Venture with Ramboll, and in collaboration with COBE, for the Nordhavn metro includes architecture, geotechnics and structure of the stations, passenger modeling, construction planning, and fire and life safety of the project. As part of a separate JV team, Arup has a continuing major role for the civil works construction phase of the rest of Cityringen.

The route

From the Cityringen bifurcation chamber, the Nordhavn branch will comprise an approximately 1900m long twin TBM tunnel in limestone to the station at Nordhavn after which the alignment rises through cut and cover tunnel and embankment, to an elevated viaduct and overground station at Orientkaj. There will be a pedestrian transfer tunnel connection between the existing Nordhavn S-train station and the new Nordhavn metro station.

The scope of services provided by Arup includes the design of bored tunnels, cut and cover tunnels and subway station box at Nordhavn plus elevated trackway and station at Orientkaj with the possibility for an extension of the metro line in the future.

New metro, new city

A vital aspect of the project will be the integration of the new station into the Nordhavn Masterplan, aimed at revitalizing the Copenhagen docklands with over 1,500,000 m2 of sustainable mixed use buildings, the largest development in northern Europe.