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Unleashing synergy for smart construction

We want safer, smarter, and more sustainable construction works. While everyone is making their own effort to develop smart tools for this common goal, no one is taking charge of the coordination to drive a synergy in a guided manner.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, CONDUCTOR – an integrated smart construction management platform developed by Arup in partnership with Swire Properties, aims to lead the collaboration based on a well-written sheet music, our framework, for true integration.

Open for collaboration, CONDUCTOR leverages contribution from different service suppliers to provide holistic smart construction support. Insights can be drawn from data fed by various tools and multiple construction sites, with just one login.

As a result, CONDUCTOR can facilitate cross-site performance comparison and enable site performance benchmarking in the long-term, driving a shared future for the construction industry.

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Designed with a deep understanding of the construction industry, CONDUCTOR provides a comprehensive framework covering smart management, site safety and site sustainability.

A variety of tools can be integrated under this framework, including various task management apps,  IoT sensors, AI video analytics, smart helmets, smart watches… and any new gadgets available in the market.

Operated with an App Store, users can select the apps of smart tools to meet their project needs – some are self-developed as built-in functions, and the majority will be provided by different suppliers.

Quicker responses with a spatial perspective

CONDUCTOR features a virtual Super Control Room with the 3D BIM model of the site, providing a spatial perspective to help users better understand the extensive data collected.

The Super Control Room not only provides an intuitive view of the construction progress, but also raises the operator’s awareness of the problematic situation on site. The spatial context on screen provides an immediate understanding of a given alert – operators can quickly identify the exact location and review the surrounding location markers before deciding on an appropriate response strategy.

In consequence, operators are able to respond faster to an event, minimising site disruptions and providing assistance if required. 

Reality check, anytime

CONDUCTOR comes with an BIM-AR function that allows on-the-spot verification of the construction works against the design at any point of the construction process.

Using the Site AR mobile app, markers are tagged to the live environment and linked to the corresponding points on the 3D BIM model. Upon scanning, the model is immediately retrieved for viewing, overlaid on the site view.

This provides a clear and intuitive understanding of how the assets should be mounted versus how they have been mounted. Snapshots and annotations can then be made and saved for follow-up actions.

Safer, in a smarter way

CONDUCTOR is an integrated digital platform designed to monitor, alert, and learn, particularly from near misses that are neither manually reported nor taken seriously by site management. 

At the heart is the machine learning function that makes use of the collected data to drastically reduce and mitigate future occurrence of site accidents of similar nature.

With all IoT sensors’ data in one place accessible with one single login, CONDUCTOR expediates site safety inspection and task management with handy mobile devices, and ultimately enhances the efficiency for safety management.


Collaboration for greater impact

CONDUCTOR is envisioned as a collaboration platform to connect different parties, apps and innovations into an integrated framework, which standardises data collection and procedures to drive continuous advancement of construction sustainability, safety and smart management.

To realise this vision, CONDUCTOR provides a full stack open platform that serves site owners and different smart tool suppliers. 

This will add value to both users and suppliers, completely changing the game of digital construction solutions.








  • PropTech Excellence Awards 2024 - Gold Award in ESG in PropTech (Corporate) category
  • Build4Asia Awards 2024 - Highly Commended Award in Innovation (Technology) category
  • IET Young Professionals Exhibition & Competition 2023 - Champion in Open section
  • ISUI Smart City Technology Innovation Award 2023 - Gold Award
  • CIC Construction Innovation Award 2022 - 2nd Prize in Construction safety category