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Congress Centre Krakow; Congress Centre Krakow;

Krakow Congress Centre, Krakow

Acoustic design, stage technology and engineering for a world-class multiuse congress venue

Krakow’s Congress Centre has reinforced the city’s credentials as a leading centre of culture and business in Poland and Europe. Designed to host both classical and contemporary music events, it is the preeminent centre of its kind in the country.

Following a competition organised in 2008, we were invited by Ingarden&Ewy Architekci practice to provide venue consulting and auditorium acoustic design for the city's new Congress Centre. 

Our acoustics and venue consultants performed comprehensive vibration surveys and created acoustic models to analyse ambient noise levels.

Consulting and engineering teams assisted with the design concept, building permit negotiations and mechanical, electrical and public health engineering (MEP) services until the execution design stage and author’s supervision during construction works.

Project Summary

3,200 seat capacity in 3 halls

18,000m2of space

1,800seatmain auditorium

Acoustic technology

To enhance the acoustic experience we installed technology including above-stage sound reflectors, movable screens that reflect sound and regulate the time of after-sounds, and seats with the highest acoustic, ergonomic and durability specifications.

The auditorium is also equipped with trapdoors for engineer booths, director booths on all three levels, and booths for simultaneous interpretation.  

A multi-segment stage with seven independently adjustable modules allows organisers to arrange the space of the hall according to their expectations and needs.

The "half-vineyard” Auditorium Hall, thanks to technological and architectural solutions, is one of the best concert and congress halls in Poland.

A world class venue

The Krakow Congress Centre, opened in October 2014 with an inaugural concert to mark a new landmark for the historic city.

In designing the venue we mirrored the requirements of international associations and enforced the highest acoustic standards and modern technological solutions in the field of stage technology

Aside from the concert halls, the building also includes conference rooms, stock rooms and technical backrooms as well as an underground parking garage for over 300 vehicles. 

The specific qualities of the Congress Centre make it possible to organise a wide array of events: from congresses, conferences, symposiums and forums, to concerts and theatre performances, to multimedia shows and social events.