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Cityringen Metro, Copenhagen

Running entirely in tunnels below Copenhagen, with 17 new stations

The Cityringen will enhance the performance of Copenhagen’s award-winning metro by introducing 17 new underground rail stations connecting key areas of the capital. The system will be an automated driverless system with unmanned stations.

Arup, in joint venture, are the technical advisor for the multi-disciplinary civil works package and have been responsible for the preparation of the outline design and production of the D&B tender documents. Our commission on the project continues through to the start of operation in 2019. During the construction phase we have worked with Metroselskabet I/S as their Technical Advisor, assisting them with the tender evaluation and construction management of the project as well as carrying out the detailed design of the streetscape and architectural finishes within the station.

Tunelling and station architecture

The Cityringen metro will comprise approximately 16km of twin-bore tunnel connecting the city’s main population, education and workplace centres. It will form a loop around the city, interchanging with the existing metro, rail and bus infrastructure at key locations around the ring.

The concept for the Cityringen stations is based on the basic configuration of the existing metro stations. Arup’s specialists have drawn on the imagery and spirit established during the first phases of the project development to update and revise the design and ensure a 21st century Metro experience.

The stations in the city will be desirable destinations for passengers, providing them with positive and memorable travel experiences. For the first phase of the Metro, completed in 2002, Arup's façade engineers contributed to the design of distinctive glass pyramids and skylights.


Arup led the architectural design team on Cityringen and designed most of the fixtures within the 17 new stations. The firm’s biggest challenge was to develop a state-of-the-art solution for a project that has already won a clutch of international awards.

Arup’s specialists are creating a desirable experience for the passengers who will travel on Cityringen when it is completed in 2019. The goal is to create spaces that meet the intuitive and natural demands of the travellers and to provide them with positive and memorable travel.

A train station is much more than just a platform, getting a train from A to B. Cityringen stations are all about meetings and departures, expectations of the known and the unknown, light and reflections, shadow and brightness. The architecture and design will be simple, easy to understand and capable of incorporating all technical solutions in a human and straightforward way.