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Cornell Tech - Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center, New York, NY

A cutting-edge research facility as part of the regeneration of New York City's Roosevelt Island

The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center, the first academic building on Cornell Tech’s new 12-acre campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City, offers students, faculty, and visitors an inspiring facility for cutting-edge research and integrated learning. The brand new building houses classrooms, shared workspaces, instructional labs and conference rooms. Through close collaboration, Cornell University, Morphosis and Arup pushed the boundaries of active design and what could be achieved towards creating a large-scale net-zero energy building within a new concept for an academic campus and innovation hub which also helps to regenerate Roosevelt Island.

Arup’s integrated design creates an exemplary green building that incorporates sustainability and smart building goals that meet the functional requirements of an advanced academic facility, while creating a building that is low carbon, energy-efficient, healthy and pleasant to be in. Designed in accordance with the LEED NC 2009 rating system, the Center is LEED Platinum certified. The facility provides occupants with flexible, open workspaces that function synergistically with the surrounding outdoor environment and progresses Cornell University’s goal of creating a dynamic and walkable urban campus on the Island that is fully integrated with the rest of New York City.

Adjacent to the East River and designed to be resilient against future flood conditions

We provided multidisciplinary services including structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing / fire protection engineering, acoustic and audiovisual consulting, IT and communications consulting, façade engineering, lighting design, security consulting and sustainability consulting for this 160,000ft2 facility. 

Cornell Tech Bloomberg Center interior view, Bloomberg Center Cornell Tech Bloomberg Center interior view, Bloomberg Center

Beginning and ending with a net-zero focus

The Bloomberg Center builds on Cornell University’s tradition of being a forward-thinking technology institution. The client and design team both embraced the importance of creating a net-zero building that would serve as an exemplar for future development on the campus.

With a clear focus in mind, the team collaborated closely with Cornell University throughout the design process to ensure that the project was moving forward with net-zero energy principles leading the development of the building.  For example, building loads were analysed thoroughly and allowances for lighting and computers had to be carefully planned. 

Design elements for the Bloomberg Center include a 40,000ft2 roof-mounted photovoltaic system that is part of a campus-wide array of solar panels dedicated to the facility and ground source heat pumps that harness the constant temperature of the earth to both warm and cool the building. The building is also designed to be resilient against potential flood conditions and utilises a rainwater harvesting system that reduces combined water discharge as well as potable water usage.