Aerial view of Corridor X.; Aerial view of Corridor X.;

Corridor 10 – Environmental Supervision, South Serbia

Environmental and social management for key Serbian motorway axis

Corridor 10 is a key axis in the Serbian road network regarded as “Category A” for environmental impact by the World Bank. The project area includes sections of the highway that pass close to settlements, river systems and environmentally-sensitive areas.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia is currently constructing the southern sections of the Corridor 10 highway; following the loan agreements between the Republic of Serbia and the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Hellenic Plan for the Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans. While the E75 section of the highway leads towards the border with FYROM (Macedonia) with a total length of 74,1 km; the E80 section leads toward the border with Bulgaria, with a total length of 84 km.

The construction of both highways is part of the Corridor 10 highway project and is being implemented by the Koridori Srbije Limited Liability Company of Belgrade, acting as the Contracting Authority (the client). The initial approximate value of the financing agreements for the project is 1,3 billion euros.

Arup, as environmental management plan supervising consultant, is providing strengthening of environmental management, monitoring and auditing of construction activities, as well as maintenance of records and procedures throughout the project.

Project Summary

Category A for environmental impact by the World Bank

€1,3mtotal worth of the project

160kmclose to the key axis in the Serbian road network

Arup is fully committed to do the right thing in sometimes challenging circumstances, particularly in the work done on the environmental and social impact of the Corridor 10 highways project. Arup team has made a real difference to the project and to the lives of people impacted by the project. ” Nina Valcic Nina Valcic Special Advisor to General Manager of Koridori Srbije

Aerial view of Corridor X. Aerial view of Corridor X.

Environmental management services

Arup is responsible for inspecting, monitoring and auditing the construction activities, ensuring that the mitigation measures adopted are properly implemented and that the negative environmental impacts of the project are minimized. Arup is also advising the stakeholders on measures to strengthen environmental and social performance in complying with requirements. 

These measures include strengthening of environmental management by reviewing the environmental management plans, preparing guides, providing environmental training and preparing an effective management system. The scope of the service also includes monitoring and auditing of the construction activities through site inspection, system audits, monitoring audits, site restoration and landscaping; and maintenance of records and procedures throughout the project. We are achieving these measures through an extensive reporting of findings noted during our supervision activities conducted on more than 15 sections, constructed by 10 different Contractors, and supervised by five different Engineers.

Review of social impacts

Arup is performing social audits and preparing impact evaluation reports in line with the adopted Resettlement Policy Framework and the World Bank performance requirements OP 4.12. The purpose of these reviews is to estimate the impact that the project has had on the local community, both during the land acquisition process and during construction, in order to summarise the negative impacts and lessons learnt and suggest improvements. The reviews include surveys of the affected persons and local community, interviews with key stakeholders and review of available documentation.