The product design of the LED lighting; The product design of the LED lighting;

CRAFT, Vienna, London

Delivers up to 28,000 lumen output at 100 lumens per watt

Designed by Arup for lighting manufacturer Zumtobel, CRAFT is an energy efficient lighting solution developed for illuminating industrial buildings such as sports halls, factories and warehouses – helping to reduce CO2e emissions in these areas.

According to the latest DECC figures, warehouses account for 12.5 percent of all non-domestic lighting electricity consumption and CO2e emissions, making them the second most significant user of energy from lighting in the entire non-domestic sector.

Energy savings

CRAFT offers an energy saving of up to 50 percent compared to more traditional high-bay products. The product’s smart controls such as movement sensors and dimming capabilities, maximises the benefit of daylight linked control and can further reduce energy consumption.

Aside from improved energy efficiency, CRAFT is more compact, easier to maintain, provides increased light output and a photometry range that better considers its intended application.

CRAFT offers an energy saving of up to 50 percent compared to more traditional high-bay products.

Its tailored light geometry addresses common issues in spaces such as warehouse bays and open plan factories: it reduces illuminance overlaps and dips, providing a uniformity of light which will increase the safety and wellbeing of people working in these areas. This innovative product is also easy-to-install and practically maintenance-free – making it perfect to use in buildings with high ceilings.


One of CRAFT’s major innovations is the exploitation of the heat-stack effect which ensures that heat dissipates from the LEDs. Horizontal surfaces are kept to a minimum to prevent dust settling on the light fitting – helping to keep the fixture cool and extend its operational life span. 

Working together with Arup gave us the feeling that we were doing more than just fulfilling the requirements of a design brief. The multi-disciplinary team enriched the development process with application knowledge, innovative ideas and active feedback from a global network. The end result is a leading product that meets both the Arup and Zumtobel standards for delivering genuine customer benefits through innovation and application-led design excellence ” Adam Burton Global Application and Product Management, Zumtobel GmbH