Crewe HS2 Masterplan; Crewe HS2 Masterplan;

Crewe HS2 Hub Masterplan, Crewe

A framework for growth and regeneration in Crewe

The Crewe HS2 Hub Framework and Masterplan Scenario brings together urban design, economics, landscape architecture, planning and transport expertise to create a framework for growth and comprehensive urban regeneration covering the next 30 years. Locally, it prepares the town for HS2’s arrival, its associated development, and generates a step-change in economic performance, identity and quality of life. Regionally, it sets the ambition and context for anticipated growth within the collection of towns and cities now known as the Constellation Partnership.

In order to accommodate a wide array of possible development outcomes over the next 30 years, an agile framework with inherent flexibility has been developed. This framework provides concepts and strategies which are, within a proposed masterplan scenario, explored spatially, measured quantitatively and finally, enabled, through an implementation plan covering the next ten years.

The masterplan describes a high-growth spatial and economic scenario which explores the town’s evolution within the context of the arrival of HS2 rail services. The proposal considers a comprehensive intervention to both the Town Centre and the new Crewe Hub areas which integrates the surrounding landscape as a driver for amenity, value and character for a future Crewe.

Crewe will offer over 120 hectares of development land in close proximity to the proposed Crewe HS2 Hub Station. Situated in the heart of the UK’s high speed rail and motorway network, the area will offer unrivalled connectivity and opportunity for growth.

Transformational change for Crewe

The Hub framework and masterplan identifies the main drivers of change led by HS2 and related infrastructure developments and explores strategies to maximise the potential transformation. These strategies provide a holistic approach to growth, articulated by five broad themes:

  • A commercial hub: Integrated station area, comprising a range of flexible development plots, connecting town, hub and landscape.

  • A mixed use district: All housing within a 10 minute walk of the station, supported by a vibrant mix of programmes, with direct connections to the surrounding landscape.

  • Integrated green network: Major infrastructure improvements, pedestrian focused with enhanced legibility.

  • A revitalised town centre: High-quality homes, wide range of shops and restaurants, with new and varied public spaces.

  • Rich culture and leisure offer: New destination for the region, with an active night-time economy, supported by a programme of events and activities.

This framework prepares Crewe for HS2’s arrival, its associated development, and generates a step-change in economic performance, identity and quality of life.