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How can you achieve dramatically better outcomes in the way your buildings perform?

How do you know whether your assets are performing? Are your occupants comfortable? Are your assets running efficiently? We have taken a data-driven approach to asset management developed on major infrastructure projects and are applying it to the property world.

Transforming energy usage across a property portfolio

The Crown Estate’s Central London portfolio includes some of the capital’s most prestigious real estate on Regent Street and in St James’s. It has a plan to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and with Arup's help, it is using Intelligent Building Management to take a big leap towards achieving this goal, saving energy costs in the process.

By gathering detailed data on heating and ventilation usage, The Crown Estate has identified energy and financial savings, increased plant lifecycle and their maintenance programmes are more efficient.

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Arup is developing an approach to allow the cost-effective collection of a much broader range of data from buildings. Using Internet of Things technology we are able to monitor many more aspects of the internal environment.

This information is constantly analysed using software that we’ve developed for this purpose, to show areas where internal environmental conditions are falling below expected levels.

Real time tracking means targeted maintenance

Because all the information that’s collected is tracked in real time, clients like Crown Estates receive daily updates. This means that they have the opportunity to move away from schedule-based maintenance to a performance-based approach. In other words, fixing what needs to be repaired when it requires attention, not after the fact.

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This can transform asset management

Arup is now using the same digital skill set to help the Crown Estate assess and improve occupant satisfaction, internal air quality and water efficiency. These are driven by both environmental and commercial dynamics.

Intelligent Asset Management has the potential to completely change the way buildings operations are run. It means problems are tracked earlier and can be dealt with quicker, and detailed intelligence enables those managing the asset to make better decisions about where and how to invest to maintain the property value.