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CUHK Medical Centre (c) Arup; CUHK Medical Centre (c) Arup;

CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong

The first smart hospital in Hong Kong

Opened in January 2021, the private teaching hospital, wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), provides state-of-the-art facilities and aims to serve the society of Hong Kong by bridging the gap between private and public healthcare services.

With a total construction floor area of 100,000m², the 14-storey CUHK Medical Centre is Hong Kong’s first smart hospital providing 516 inpatient beds, 90 day beds, 28 operating rooms and 56 consultation rooms.

Arup was engaged as the project manager for this highly complex project involving a wide range of stakeholders. Our systematic approach to design management, procurement, contractual arrangement, cost control and construction management ensured the project to achieve its designed ambitions within the approved budget, quality and safety requirements.

Project Summary

1st smart hospital in Hong Kong

100,000total CFA

14storeysproviding state-of-the-art healthcare facilities

Managing design for smart operations

The Medical Centre adopts a wide range of digital technologies and smart third-party logistics for pharmaceutical and medical consumables to enhance the safety, quality and efficiency of the healthcare services. Some of these cutting-edge technologies and novel methods were first to be deployed in Hong Kong’s hospital industry.

To ensure their smooth delivery, Arup worked closely with the hospital and their various vendors to define the design requirements in the building provisions and to align the new systems with the operational needs.

CUHK Medical Centre (c) Arup CUHK Medical Centre (c) Arup

Bringing multi-stakeholders on board

As the Medical Centre was designed to suit the operational needs of different clinical and non-clinical departments, a total of 20 departments with more than 80 end-users had to be involved in the design development process – much more than other typical facilities.

We developed a detailed workflow and took a collaborative approach with stakeholders to manage the numerous interfaces at the onset of design stage.

Our team also provided digital and visualisation tools to help the stakeholder and collaborator engagement process, offering a better understanding of the project and design impact. Our effective management of consultants and contractors enabled project issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently, taking into consideration of the detailed and technical requirements and the strategic-level priorities for the project.

Driving successful outcomes

The Medical Centre was designed to be people-centred and age-friendly while meeting energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, safety and wellbeing targets.

Our project management team comprised professionals from a variety of technical backgrounds. From working with site constraints to designing for a sustainable healing environment, our in-depth understanding of the technical design and construction processes was key to ensuring the project meets its goal to provide quality facilities and services.

Our vast experience in the design and delivery of education institutes also helped the educational aspects of the teaching hospital and enabled the team to deliver a cost-effective project on time.

Arup’s responsive, proactive and adaptable approach in this highly complex project is key to ensuring the hospital meets our goal in providing quality healthcare services and training facility to healthcare professionals. ” Dr Fung Hong Chief Executive Officer, CUHK Medical Centre