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Cyclotron, Krakow

A concrete bunker with 5.5m thick walls to house a medical cyclotron

Cyclotrons are a kind of particle accelerator – sometimes used to treat cancer. The Krakow cyclotron is a critical medical and research facility forming part of the National Centre Hadron Radiotherapy. It is capable of generating up to 235MeV (Mega electron Volts) of energy.

Arup provided multidisciplinary services to the project, including the overall design of the Cyclotron’s concrete bunker and buildings, mechanical, electrical and public health engineering.

Due to the requirements for radioprotection, we calculated that the walls of the concrete bunker needed to be 5.5m thick. We also consulted on the optimal mix and production methods for the concreted used on the project. Our team was involved in the project from concept design – including gaining building permits – to construction.