Daimler AG Moscovia plant; Daimler AG Moscovia plant;

Daimler AG Russia Moscovia plant, Moscow

Daimler AG – welcoming Mercedes-Benz to Russia

Arup was appointed General Designer for delivery of Russia's first Mercedes-Benz car production facility – which will produce around 25,000 vehicles a year and has been opened in the town of Esipovo, 40km northwest of Moscow.

Arup worked on the project for the German car manufacturer, Daimler, setting up project teams in Arup’s UK, Moscow and German offices to enable delivery of the project in record time.

Arup provided general designer, permitting and site supervision services for all stages of the project including assembly conveyors and automated storage and retrieval systems for car bodies.

Project Summary

1000+ High-skill jobs created

25kVehicles produced per year

21monthsProject delivery time

The design provided by Arup followed Daimler’s directive to place all production steps under one roof to create a flexible manufacturing facility with shorter paths and faster, more direct communications during production. This philosophy is also reflected in the architecture with glass walls serving as connecting features to create transparent connectivity between office space and production areas.

The speed of project delivery is unprecedented being delivered in just 21 months. ”

Jeremy Chatwin Jeremy Chatwin UKIMEA Advanced Manucturing Leader

Utilising the latest production technology

The plant covers 85 hectares and adopts leading edge innovative Industry 4.0 technologies designed to enable multiple vehicle types to be produced on the same assembly line. Driverless transportation systems convey the bodies between production subsections, and automated shopping cart systems are also used in assembly. The facility also adopts numerous environmentally friendly and resource-saving solutions such as paperless documentation, emission-free electric forklifts, heat recovery in the buildings and the use of water-soluble products in painting to support sustainable and green production.

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