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Dalian East Port; Dalian East Port;

Dalian East Port C05, Dalian

A mixed-use development with a power dispatch centre and high-class office and hotel facilities

Located in Donggang business district in Dalian, this mixed-use development consists of Dalian Power Company dispatch centre at the podium levels and the high-end office and hotel zones on the upper floors, yielding a total construction floor area of 126,500m².

Arup provides fire, mechanical, electricpublic health engineering and transport consulting services for this upscale facility. The client’s intention to mix the power dispatch centre with a luxury hotel in the same building has created new challenges in electrical provisions and fire safety design.

Our engineering and consulting services have enhanced the value and attractiveness of this world-class facility in several ways:

Satisfying varying needs

Through continuous communications with the State Grid Corporation and hotel operator, Arup’s MEP engineers fully understand their varying needs and requirements, and optimise the MEP design to satisfy both parties. For example, in the vertical transportation design, we have improved the core efficiency by overlapping lifts in shafts after rounds of arrangement, bringing significant benefit to the client.

Project Summary

43 storey mixed-use development comprising a 5-star hotel, an office building and a dispatch centre


Optimising comfort and safety

Our fire specialists proposed a holistic fire strategy including fire compartmentation, smoke control, egress and emergency access to ensure operation continuity of the dispatch centre whilst optimising comfort and safety for the hotel residents.

Facilitating traffic flow

Our traffic consultants are responsible for external and internal flow of pedestrian, vehicles and logistics elements for the mixed-use development. We are advising the architect on the design of road networks and facilities layout, in particular the reception of the hotel, loading area, pick-up and drop-off, loading and back-of-house areas.