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Dam Depot, EYE film institute , Amsterdam

Expert centre, where films can be stored, restored and digitalised using the latest techniques.

Dam Depot, or Depot Amsterdam, offers EYE film institute a new archive and atelier, where its film collection is stored, restored and digitalised using the latest techniques.

Arup designed in close collaboration with the team partners the building physics, acoustics and fire safety for the new housing. The various climate conditions in the several depots make the complex an extraordinary place. Using a 'box-in-a-box' building system, the temperature is per module adjustable, enabling conservation by for example freezing or drying films.

The design meets the very specific requirements  of acoustic insulation of the cinema, the adjustable climate and lighting in the ateliers, where the sensitive film materials can be treated and restored. The fire strategy is set to secure the building from the inflammable materials and the restoration chemicals.


A multifunctional room with 35 seats facilitates workshops on film conservation and specialist viewings of films from the collection, which includes 40,000 movies. The archive building serves as a modern expert centre, in which the international audience of scientists and film makers can study the collection by appointment.