Del Monte Waste to Energy Plant; Del Monte Waste to Energy Plant;

Bugo Cannery Waste to Energy Plant , Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao

A new plant to treat waste from pineapple washing and processing with an anaerobic reactor

Located in Bugo Cannery, Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao, Philippines, Del Monte wanted to maximise energy generation and improve wastewater treatment.  The new anaerobic plant fits upstream of the existing, aerobic, plant.  The anaerobic plant, using an UASBR system, treats waste water from the pineapple washing and processing areas to lower the contaminant levels.  Treated water is passed to the existing plant, where further treatment takes place before being discharged.  Gas generated from the anaerobic process is captured for onward use.

The gas is fed to new combined heat and power engines to produce electricity. This will allow Del Monte to stop using their existing coal fired power station; enhancing robustness of their plant during the frequent periods of power outage and reducing the operating costs. The peak electrical output from the new engines is initially expected to be around 2.5MW, rising to 5MW when the final stage of the scheme are completed.

Arup linked its technical know-how with project and construction management experience to ensure the facility was delivered to a high quality and on schedule.


‘Design & Build’

We identified a number of areas within the design which presented long term risks to Del Monte.  We therefore asked the ‘Design & Build’ contractor to revise the design to ensure that they complied with local design code requirements and lowered the longer term business risks to the client. On the site, a number of areas for improvement were put forward, and we worked closely with the contractor’s site team to best deliver the required work within the required schedule.

We also advised Del Monte on the selection of specialist suppliers and co-ordinated their inputs, and those from the main contractor, to make sure that all parties were discussing and focusing on the interfaces to avoid gaps.