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Dok , Oegstgeest; Dok , Oegstgeest;

Dok, Oegstgeest

Healthy and energy efficient primary school annex community centre with a limited budget

Het Dok is a primary school, combining day care, sports centre and a multifunctional room. The building is a meeting spot for the inhabitants of the new quarter Nieuw Rhijngeest in Oegstgeest.

Based on the minimal use of building services, Arup designed a comfortable climate in cooperation with Paul de Ruiter Architects. 

Integrating the services in the structure made it possible to increase the height of the building. The stretched shape and the high ceilings allow an abundance of daylight and natural ventilation. Fresh air enters the building via the grid in the facade, based on the amount of CO2 instead of the amount of spaces. 

The acoustic facilities are also used as air ducts. The cooling and heating systems are assimilated in the floors. The open staircase is used as exhaust for air ventilation. The combination of these solutions make air ducts redundant, saving up energy and materials.

The multiple user groups guarantee that the building is used both during the day and the evening. With a relatively small investment the building can be made energy neutral.

Arup is responsible for building physicsacoustic engineeringfire safety and building services design.