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Drive Smart, New York, New York

Helping drivers save time and money and drive safely

Drive Smart is a successful program created alongside the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) to help drivers save time and money and drive safely.

Through extensive in-vehicle data collection, the program, which will be launched to the public in late 2015, was designed to assist NYCDOT on a number of critical objectives to reduce roads deaths (Vision Zero), congestion and pollution.

How it works

Through an on-board device (OBD-II) installed in the vehicle, the program records GPS and vehicle telemetric data, route selection, driver behaviour and general vehicle movement patterns.

The information obtained will initially be used for traffic management analysis, usage based insurance and driver feedback applications. While a voluntary Mileage Based User Fee (MBUF) is enabled, this will be tested in a second phase of the project.

The pilot project will give NYDOT the opportunity to test the Drive Smart concept and technology in a large-scale market.

The pilot project

With the system beta testing recently completed, NYCDOT is currently launching a public Drive Smart pilot with 500 participants. NYCDOT is also looking for participants who commute by car, those who own a 1996 model year vehicle or newer, have valid New York State Driver’s License or own an Android or iOS smartphone. 

Considering that there are hundreds of possible applications already identified, the potential of in-vehicle telematics to improve the daily experience of all commuters and is immense. The pilot project will give NYCDOT the opportunity to test the Drive Smart concept and technology in a large-scale market and will also provide insights into user preferences and the market response to the concept within the digital built environment

Our role in this project included assisting the client with the design, procurement, project management, testing and commissioning. After implementation, we will also assist NYCDOT to successfully market and launch this pilot program to the general public.