Dwaarlindjirraap Pedestrian Bridge, spanning across the Murray River, is a key component of the Dwellingup Adventure Trails nestled in Dwellingup’s Lane Poole Reserve – a popular destination for mountain biking, hiking, swimming, canoeing and camping – approximately 115km from Perth.

The bridge provides easy access to the southern bank of the Murray River, linking hiking and mountain bike trails and day use areas on either side of the river, to offer a complete world-class trail destination.

We provided all engineering services for the new bridge, which offers safe and easy access for visitors, hikers and cyclists from the Baden Powell Campground and Dwaarlindjirraap to the Murray Valley Mountain bike trail network.

Working closely with Iredale Pederson and Hook Architects, and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, the design balances elegance with practicality, blending into and complimenting the area’s natural surroundings while providing essential passage inside the reserve. 

We considered accessibility in every design element, ensuring all visitors can access and benefit from the reserve’s activities and facilities.

The bridge is the focal point of the Dwellingup Adventure Trails Project which has invested $8.4 million to upgrade infrastructure and facilities to grow the region into a major tourism centre for outdoor adventure.

Bridge design balances visual aesthetic and practicality

Blending in with the natural environment, the bridge provides a connection from either side of the reserve. The design is also resilient to major flooding events and flexible to cater for a lone cyclist, wheelchair users, a group of hikers or three busloads of school children or tourists. 

The design balanced elements such as flooding and the impact of foot traffic with the integration of the natural landscape – and minimised material use, environmental impact and cost.

With Iredale Pedersen Hook, and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, we collaboratively worked through the design options to understand the risks and requirements. Working regionally and outside the constraints of urban city projects, we balanced where we could deviate from building codes without compromising safety and accessibility. 

Accessible for all abilities

Visitors, hikers and cyclists of all abilities are welcome to use the bridge and benefit from the reserve’s facilities and attractions. 

The bridge’s loading, stiffness and width, at 1800mm, has been designed to carry cyclists, wheelchair users and pedestrians safely and comfortably, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to be active and improve their wellbeing. 

Ramps on either side of the bridge provide wheelchair access, while rails across the bridge keep people and cyclists safe. Once on the bridge, the open railing design enables visitors to enjoy the view over the Murray River.

The Dwaarlindjirraap Pedestrian Bridge is a fantastic piece of infrastructure and has been well received by visitors to Lane Poole Reserve.

Jordan Gibbs

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions