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Eircom Headquarters, Dublin

An award winning ten-storey tower for Eircom Headquarters in northeast Dublin.

The current headquarters of Eircom, the main provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland, comprises seven storeys above the basement with a ten storey tower at the northeast end and an associated gross floor area of 24,000m².

Arup carried out the structural, mechanicalelectrical and façade engineering of the building. It was also responsible for the transport and sustainability consulting and IT systems and building physics services. In 2009, this steel frame building awarded with the SEAI Sustainable Energy Building Excellence Award in 2009.

Through a collaborative and integrated approach by the design team, this building gives the occupants control over their environments and optimises daylighting and the views.

A critical part of the Eircom project was the commissioning and handover of the completed building and systems to Eircom. Arup took a central, hands on approach during commissioning to ensure all systems were set to work correctly and were subject to exhaustive testing. This enhanced level of oversight was very important for the success of the building.

A holistic design

This steel frame building consists of cellular beams spanning 12 metres resulting in column free floor areas within the office areas.

The structure is exposed in-situ concrete frame and coffer slabs, with embedded coils at top level.

The holistic design of architecture and engineering has produced a mixed mode ventilation scheme with a triple glazed façade incorporating internal solar shading.

The systems in the building are fully integrated to allow the building to operate successfully without the need for full air conditioning.