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Exxon Mobil Asia Pacific RnD centre; Exxon Mobil Asia Pacific RnD centre;

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Research and Development Centre, Shanghai

Integrated approach to realising a state-of-the-art industrial and office facility.

This chemical research and development centre is one of the most ambitious headquarters projects of ExxonMobil in the Asia Pacific region.

Located in Zizhu Science Park in Shanghai, the 26,600m2 complex comprises a four-storey office and laboratory building, twin single-storey process halls and a two-storey central plant.

This state-of-the-art industrial and office facility is a result of Arup’s integrated 'total design' approach, drawing on our cross-disciplinary expertise globally including architecture, structure, building services, lighting design, LEED and interior fit-out design.

Visually interesting

Arup co-developed the centre’s façade design concept to provide visual interest to the long façades while ensuring optimal thermal performance.

The result is a textural play on the building curtain wall with vertical panels protruding or receding slightly to create patterns with shadow effects. The main façade materials are glass insulated panels, aluminium panels and double low-e glass.

Project Summary

1st LEED® Silver project for ExxonMobil in Asia

26,600site area for a office/laboratory building, a process bay and a central plant

Sustainable design and management

The laboratory block is designed to ASTM standards with indoor environment supplied by full fresh air system. The complex aims to achieve a LEED®rating with a wide range of green design features.

These include water conservation fixtures, reduction of lighting power densities, maximised use of daylight for laboratories and offices, a high-performance external glazing system and a heat recovery system for the process hall and laboratories together with high-performance chillers and air handling units.

Sustainability was also at the heart of the construction process. Locally-produced materials were used extensively, and recycling and orderly disposal were adopted to reduce costs and overall carbon footprint.


Attractive working environment

Arup successfully delivered a well-balanced design of public spaces and open office areas within the building, creating an attractive and efficient workplace environment.

The integrated operable window system brings fresh air into work spaces and opens up views to the outside, allowing occupants to enjoy natural light.

©Kingkay Architectural Photography

The interior fit-out provides a variety of areas for work as well as formal and informal meeting spaces. The materials and colours for these areas have been carefully selected with their psychological effects thoroughly considered to achieve inviting and energetic spaces.

The main spatial elements of ceiling, floor, walls and their patterns and interior colours have been arranged in a most efficient way to enable flexible office use and future expansions.


Communicating with community

While designing a variety of public spaces within the building, Arup paid attention to the product display area which includes information and exhibition areas open to the public. This area will enable open communication and interaction with visitors and the community as a whole.

With Arup’s comprehensive 'total design' services, the project successfully delivered on the client’s expectations. The centre epitomises an ambitious company strategy and sets a new global standard in corporate sustainability.