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Fjord Link Frederikssund; Fjord Link Frederikssund;

Fjord Link Frederikssund, Frederikssund

Fjord Link Frederikssund: improving transport links between Marbaek and Torslev Hage

Creating resilient infrastructure links that improve local connections and reduce travel times can enhance the economic prosperity of a region. But how best to deliver a highway project in a key sensitive location that is respectful of its local context, through the design, procurement and site phases, to time and within budget?

The opening of the Fjord Link Frederikssund will greatly alleviate existing congestion issues in nearby Frederikssund, creating an alternative route to the 1935 Kronprins Frederiks Bro bascule bridge. Linking Marbæk south of Frederikssund with Tørslev Hage, the link consists of the new 1.36 km high bridge (Kronprinsesse Marys Bro) spanning the Roskilde Fjord, an 8 km dual carriageway, and 15 smaller structures.

Arup has been working with the Danish Road Directorate on the project since 2014, delivering cohesive multidisciplinary services ranging from reference and detail designs for structures and procurement of the Contractor, to site supervision. Drawing upon our expertise from multiple offices globally, Arup has provided services in the areas of geotechnics, highways, drainage, intelligent transport systems and bridge design to environmental, maritime and water engineering.

Delivered almost three months ahead of target, the project was delivered in parallel to the procurement and mobilisation of Denmark’s first free flow tolling scheme.

Arup has been instrumental in the project development from concept design to handover, working side by side with the Danish Road Directorate and the Design and Build Contractor.

Balancing resilient bridge design and environmental considerations

From the commencement of the concept design phase, sustainable environmental considerations have been a key focus for the project team. As one of the EU’s designated Natura 2000 areas, the Roskilde Fjord is a refuge for migrating water fowl. Working closely with the client, our multidisciplinary team carefully developed the concept bridge design to respect the beauty of the surrounding area.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and significantly under budget, which was achieved through great teamwork from a dedicated and highly skilled team and a very collaborative approach from all parties involved.
Henrik Vincentsen Project Director – Vejdirektoratet

Environmental constraints including sensitive eelgrass areas, extensive soft sediment in fjord, and noise emission limitations near residential areas were considered by the team, and discussions with the Danish Authorities held to allow incorporation of a robust set of obligations into the tender documentation with a view to minimising impact on the environment. Both substructure and superstructure of the high bridge have been selected to align with this goal. A balanced cantilever construction method was chosen with a view to minimising environmental impact.

Unlocking value through consultative dialogue

Arup facilitated and supported the competitive dialogue process during the procurement phase. This enabled the development of tender documents that were tailored to the market requirements, while ensuring the client objectives remained the core focus. The process allowed tenderers to propose various solutions to optimise their proposals in line with their preferred construction technologies. Arup provided advice on the refinement of the contract requirements such that the optimum flexibility for tenderers was allowed.

This flexible procurement process allowed the client target budget to be achieved as well as allowing value to be added in key areas such as reduction of the number of bridge piers from 18 to 16, helping to reduce some of the construction-related disturbance to the seabed. Suitable measures for important environmental items such as management of sediment spill were also incorporated in the successful tenderer’s proposals.

Fjord Link Frederikssund Fjord Link Frederikssund
Aerial view of the Fjord Link Frederikssund approach road

Leveraging Arup skillsets from around the globe, it was highly rewarding to contribute from design through to delivery of this unique project. ” Rachel Kenny Rachel Kenny Associate Director

Providing specialist site supervision, project management and digital tools

Arup’s experience in precast segmental balanced cantilever bridges and deep foundations has allowed us to deliver vital expertise throughout all project phases, on site and in the casting yard in Poland. During the construction phase, Arup provided specialist site supervision and contract administration services to work in collaboration with the Danish Road Directorate team.

Site team monitoring was carefully managed to ensure implementation of all relevant environmental mitigation measures such as prevention of sediment spill during the eelgrass growing season. Arup’s digital and project management capabilities were applied to full effect on the project, from visualisation and modelling of design options, to development of site management and supervision plans and application of a common data environment for the geographically disparate teams of specialists – more than 200 staff and 20 different nationalities at the height.

Arup’s skills have provided our client with continuous and cohesive advice from the design phase right through to construction, and ensured their confidence in the delivery of a quality final product.

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