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Forum Istanbul; Forum Istanbul;

Forum Istanbul, Istanbul

Adding a new dimension to the existing retail market in the region

Forum Istanbul offers a total retail and leisure area of approximately 225,000 m2, offices and residential area of 70,000 m2, and car parking of 235,000 m2 for a catchment area of about 4.5 million people within a 20 minute journey. The retail centre includes stand-alone anchors like IKEA, DIY stores, a hypermarket, an aquarium and department stores.

Istanbul is the prime economic, business, cultural and retail centre of Türkiye, with approximately 15 million citizens. The development is strategically located in the geographical heart of European Istanbul next to a motorway linking the two main Istanbul arteries, the E5 and TEM motorways. The site is also directly connected to a metro station on the main line from the city centre to the airport and to the biggest bus terminal in Türkiye.

Arup provided structural, mechanicalelectrical and civil engineering expertise to the project. The firm also provided infrastructure design and design management services during the project stages.

A unique experience

Forum Istanbul is unique, adding a new dimension to the existing retail market in the region, offering a contemporary urban experience, interspersed with boulevards, piazzas, avenues, courtyards, and monumental buildings. The interplay of these elements produces streets with sweeping views, narrow lanes with shadow and contrasts of scale and public squares with different spatial qualities. A public area with spectacular landscape, it is suitable for festivals, concerts, markets and sports events. Signage, fountains, sculptures and art will also be a part of the project.

Residential and office functions are located in an upgraded green area, providing an elegant and park-like surrounding and enhancing the residential atmosphere. Domestic housing blocks are placed to create a community that faces inward, towards the recreational activities area. Interior vistas are formed on the roof’s green terraces. Blocks of varying height provide different settlement options for different economic lifestyle alternatives.

Arup’s main challenge has been designing and managing such a large development in a bustling city centre that borders one of Istanbul's busiest highways. The Forum is designed as an integral part of the city structure, planned in such a way that the vast construction site would not produce a ‘crushing’ effect.