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FP7 Ecodistr-ICT, Antwerp, Stockholm, Valencia, Rotterdam, Warsaw

A decision support tool for renewal towards sustainable districts

In collaboration with other parties, we developed an integrated open source support tool to assist decision making for the retrofitting and renewal of existing buildings in the sustainable urban districts.

The Ecodistr-ICT tool connects the main decision makers in the urban district transformation programs – social housing associations, project developers, energy agencies and municipalities – acting from different perspectives and with different time scales. Together, they reach a coordinated approach that joins retrofitting with district renovation.

This coordinated approach adds the benefits from the economy of scale and allows for an optimisation and prioritisation of decision-making. The tool provides trustworthy insights on retrofitting and renewal projects, and the associated costs and benefits during the life cycle of the buildings. Additionally, it shows the impact on resources, social aspects, indoor and outdoor quality of buildings and districts, and environmental concerns.

The European Commission funded Ecodistr-ICT with the "7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development", also known as FP7. The added value of the activities funded from FP7 is the transnational character. The research projects are carried out by consortia which include participants from multiple European countries such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Warsaw, Valencia and Stockholm.

After having developed the tool, the next steps in the process would be to effectively disseminate the tool and to increase the collaboration between city stakeholders.