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GPT Group Headquarters, Sydney

New GPT Group Headquarters is more business lounge than office

The bold new design of the reception and front of house spaces required careful consideration. A more intimate atmosphere was required than is usually found in commercial applications. High level fittings above the void were avoided, aiding long term maintenance and allowing for a more dramatic night time character. The curvaceous nature of the newly formed triple height space is derived from elements of Seidler’s original design intent for the building. These were designed to become the main ambient light source for the collaborative meeting rooms.


The brief for the workstation design drove one very fundamental lighting principle, to create modulating types of brightness and distribution of light. This allowed some working zones to be brighter and more uniformly lit. More relaxed, contemplative areas were to become darker and more intimate. Within this type of environment people would then be able to choose very different working styles.

To emphasise this approach, and complement the Green Star design targets, task lighting is used within the more formal workstation areas combined with a lower permissible horizontal illuminance at desk height. To ensure that these zones were perceived as bright and spacious, the ceilings and walls are directly illuminated. This also provides a diffuse, uniform distribution of light upon the workstations.

Between the workstations, point sources are integrated into the soffit above to produce subtle pools of light on the floor and more shadow play. This simplistic gesture adds to the visual depth of the scheme and helps accentuate the interior design. The result is a visually comfortable environment with reduced illuminance and power usage realised through the fundamentals of good design.

Task related working

To contrast the formal work stations, a number of different interior types were developed within the fit-out to create choice and diversity for occupants. To accentuate this, more point sources are used to create a greater amount of contrast. This aims to reveal the different surface finishes and colours and provide a more domestic feel. Within these spaces the selection of pendants desk mounted task lighting adds the final layer to create both a greater material quality of finish and user control of the light.