Grand Hyatt Metrocentre; Grand Hyatt Metrocentre;

Grand Hyatt Metrocenter, Manila

The tallest and biggest mixed use building in the Philippines

Located in the Business District of Taguig city in the Philippines, the Grand Hyatt Metrocenter will be the tallest and biggest mixed use building in the country. Arup is providing structuralwind and seismic engineering services for the building.

The building employs Arup's Damped Outrigger System which reduces wind or earthquake induced sway vibrations in tall buildings.

The system provides high levels of damping, or energy absorption, within a buildings structure by incorporating components similar to the shock absorbers in a car. The concrete outrigger walls are built into the Hyatt's two mechanical floors in order to optimise structural size and leave more space for aesthetic design.

Compared to conventional designs, the system requires significantly less concrete and reinforcement steel which greatly reduces material and construction costs.

Arup's damper system also saved the client costs during the operational period, as our dampers do not require a power supply, unlike conventional dampers which require a motor with ultra-reliable back up power supplies. Additionally, Arup's dampers need minimal maintenance during the lifetime of building.