Visualisation of Greater Curtin; Visualisation of Greater Curtin;

Greater Curtin, Perth

By 2030 it will be a thriving activity centre with 20,000 residents

It is estimated that by 2030, Greater Curtin will be a thriving activity centre with a permanent population of some 20,000 residents, over 40,000 full-time students and researchers, and a district workforce of some 20,000.

Curtin University’s vision to transform their existing suburban Bentley Campus, a 116ha site located 6km from Perth’s CBD, presented complex transport challenges.

Arup supported a range of parallel studies underpinning the vision for Greater Curtin, including the Bentley Curtin Structure Plan, the Curtin University Place Activation Plan, and the Greater Curtin Master Plan and Development Framework.

As a result of Arup’s proactive approach to communication and recognition of the importance of delivering a consistent service to all works related to the Greater Curtin vision, Arup was engaged by Curtin for a range of studies including:

  • Parking Strategy Paper for internal and external use

  • Greater Curtin Master Plan development approval support

  • Greater Curtin public transport interchange concept design

  • Review of pedestrian crossing needs on a major external road

  • Parking Management / Inventory Tool

  • Curtin City Main Street Project

Aerial map view of Greater Curtin Aerial map view of Greater Curtin

Subsequently, we were engaged to assist with the Integrated Infrastructure Management Planning project, focused on improving the reliability of system operations for the purposes of business continuity and capital expenditure management, and to guide the development of Greater Curtin towards reaching the ultimate goals of the Masterplan.  The end product was the developed web-based Planning Roadmap for Greater Curtin which provides a clear and interactive capital works program of works for the University for the next 20 years.

credit Curtin University