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Green hydrogen production facility, Wales

Green hydrogen production facility

Green hydrogen – hydrogen produced using 100% renewable energy – holds promise as a future, low emission energy source. Across the world many players are beginning to explore or invest in its production at scale.

Statkraft are Europe's largest renewable energy producer and are investing heavily in green hydrogen as an energy source for use in transportation and industry. Statkraft have identified a site in Pembrokeshire for a green hydrogen production facility near to the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone, an area focusing on developing opportunities within the energy and environment sectors.

This green energy hub will be located on the former Royal Navy Armaments Depot in Trecwn, Pembrokeshire. During development, the site employed over 3,000 people, and it is hoped that this new facility can continue to support highly skilled jobs in the area, while contributing to the Welsh Government’s net zero strategy.

Project Summary

15MW of green hydrogen production

40,000 milesenough power for 40k bus miles per day

2030Wales target for 70% of electricity consumption from renewable sources

Arup was appointed by Statkraft to complete a technical and commercial assessment of the proposed installation of a 15MW green hydrogen production facility, with facilities for the refuelling of hydrogen buses and heavy goods vehicles. The facility will be powered entirely by renewable electricity, generated locally from wind and solar power.

Our specialists completed a technology review to identify the most suitable electrolyser, compression and storage technologies for use in the facility. A dynamic model of the facility was then built in HYSYS, allowing an optimised hydrogen production facility to be developed, taking into account the variable nature of renewable power generation. A concept design was then developed, to include the production of layouts.

Arup completed a review of the site to identify the most appropriate location of the facility, considering existing services and safety reviews. The concept design was then used as part of a public consultation event in the local area, supported by in-person Arup technical expertise.