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First LEED Platinum project in East Asia

Samsung GREEN TOMORROW is the first project in East Asia that has achieved the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating. Located in Yongin, the development includes a 423m² zero-energy house and a 298m² public relations pavilion and is designed to be a sustainability showpiece in Korea.

Arup provided sustainable buildings design and LEED consultation for the project, working in conjunction with Samoo Architects.

Project Summary

1st LEED® Platinum awarded in East Asia

1stzero-energy house in South Korea

68green features installed in the house

Zero-energy house

The zero-energy house is a striking example of energy efficiency. It has 68 green features for zero-energy, zero-emission and green IT including a high performance facade, daylight sensors, ground source heat pumps, radiant floor heating system and high-efficiency lighting that optimises and balances energy and daylight.

These systems reduce energy consumption by 56% - the other 44% of energy is organically harvested from renewable sources including 163m2 of rooftop photovoltaic panels.

Water consumption

To reduce water consumption, fixtures such as a waterless urinal, dual flush WC and a low-flow basin and showerhead are installed. 72.4% of potable water is reusable thanks to a biological reactor that treats greywater and blackwater for irrigation, floor cleaning and flushing.

To ensure a healthy indoor environment, materials that release fewer and less harmful compounds are used and outdoor air ventilation rates are increased by 30% - resulting in an increasing rate of air change in the room.

Sustainable construction and operation

Sustainability was also central to construction – 54.8% of waste was sent for recycling and around 22% of materials were from recycled sources. Over a quarter of the materials were sourced locally.

GREEN TOMORROW also offers great community connectivity and convenient public transportation. Bicycle parking lots and electric car charging systems are provided to encourage sustainable mobility.

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Samsung will apply the green concepts utilised in GREEN TOMORROW to its other residential properties in an effort to achieve its goal of cutting energy use in Samsung apartments by 50% by 2013.