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Gucheng Lake; Gucheng Lake;

Gucheng Lake tourism and resort zone, Nanjing

Comprehensive strategy to drive tourism for the next 30 years.

The Gucheng Lake area, located to the south of the Nanjing city and famous for organic farming, is about to transform into an 80km² tourism and resorts zone.

In collaboration with Overland Architects, Arup designed the masterplan for the zone, aiming to establish a comprehensive design, tourism and environmental strategy to create a new growth pole for the district’s future development for the next 30 years.

We have identified five ecological characteristics for the lake and its surroundings: aquatic agriculture, community, culture, tourism and sports entertainment. Based on that five different functional areas were divided.

Project Summary

80km² wetland park development

600ha Phase 1 implantation of the proposed integrated infrastructure strategy and regulatory plans

We are now working on the stage 1 implementation plan, which involves close co-ordination between our planning, landscape, traffic, water and geotechnical disciplines.

The lake will be equipped with an ecological system, integrating natural drainages, water reuse, non-vehicular uses, energy-efferent lighting and waste reduction and reuse strategies, as well as a unique transportation strategy which will be tourist-and-pedestrian-friendly and pollution-free.