Heathrow Terminal 2; Heathrow Terminal 2;

Heathrow Terminal 2, London, United Kingdom

The new Terminal 2 building has transformed the traveller experience

“Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal”, which opened on 04 June 2014, was designed specifically around the needs of the passenger and will transform the traveller experience.

Arup, together with Heathrow’s operational readiness teams, trialled and tested terminal processes and equipment, and delivered familiarisation training for the 25,000 airport staff working at the new terminal. By the time the terminal opened, it had undergone over 175 trials and had been tested by nearly 14,000 people.

Throughout the project, we worked with stakeholders to gain buy in from the wider Heathrow community, and helped to develop and integrate all standard operating procedures for the new terminal.

Around 35,000 people worked on the project over its lifetime, with as many as 5,000 people on site at its peak. The Arup project team consisted of over 35 consultants from across Operations consulting, IT & Communications Systems, Marketing, and Programme & Project Management.

Terminal 2 will eventually serve 20 million passengers a year and be home to 23 Star Alliance airlines, as well as Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic Little Red and Germanwings.

Her Majesty The Queen officially opened Terminal 2 on 23 June 2014, nearly 60 years after she opened the original terminal.

The project is broken up into distinctive teams:


Stakeholder engagement was critical to achieving buy-in from the wider Heathrow community and to ensure stakeholders were aware and understood their relationship to key processes being documented for T2.


Together with Heathrow, we planned, designed and supported the delivery of over 175 proving trials. The trials test everything from individual aspects of terminal operations, such as the check-in process, to large-scale trials that test the complete passenger journey.

The larger trials involved around 2,500 people at a time and included the use of electronic feedback. Nearly 14,000 people helped us test Terminal 2 before it opened to the public.


We identified, planned, designed and delivered training for the 25,000 airport staff who work in Terminal 2. We designed familiarisation, induction and training courses to make sure staff knew how the new terminal worked and understood the new systems, processes, layout, health and safety, and their role.

This included identifying logistics requirements for training delivery, creating a unique training needs analysis, designing training scripts and maps, and a process for training assurance.

Programme Management Office (PMO)

Given the scale of our works and the complexity of the operational readiness programme, the PMO was critical in managing our work clearly and ensuring a single version of the truth. We established a strong PMO to define the expectations around outcomes and performance, and managed them on a monthly basis through solid reporting.

Due to the breadth of information, we set up a monthly operational readiness-wide dashboard and also helped Heathrow improve the performance of the programme through setting up change, issues management, and go/no go processes.