View of Hinkley Point C; View of Hinkley Point C;

Hinkley Point C, Somerset

Evaluating technical proposals for nuclear new build

Arup has a unique role on the Hinkley Point C project, working with the local authorities to evaluate the proposals by EDF Energy for a new nuclear power station in Somerset, UK.

This has given us a detailed insight into the process of preparing applications for nationally-significant infrastructure projects.

National policy

This project is being driven through a planning performance agreement (PPA) – a new mechanism used to draw funding from the applicant (in this case EDF) to augment capability within local authorities.

This PPA is the first of its kind for nuclear projects. Arup has considerable insight into the mechanics of the PPA and its application to developing work packages underpinning technical evaluation of major infrastructure projects.

Peer review

Arup provided a full peer review of EDF’s consultation documents setting out the proposals at the Hinkley Point site as well as a full response to the UK Government’s Nuclear National Policy Statement on behalf of Sedgemoor District Council and West Somerset Council.

Our experience at Hinkley has included town planning (both consent and policy-related advice), environment, transport planning, economic development, maritime, geotechnics, water resources and flood risk, archaeology, landscape, acoustics, radioactive waste storage, transport of waste and emergency planning.

Knowledge for the future

No other firm has developed such a strong nuclear-planning focused service to local authorities and the knowledge gained through the extensive work on Hinkley Point C will be disseminated to other local authorities that will host or be affected by new nuclear proposals.