Honeywell's production plant in Lipetsk, Russia, comprising 6,000m2; Honeywell's production plant in Lipetsk, Russia, comprising 6,000m2;

Honeywell Plant, Lipetsk

Honeywell’s new Russia production plant boasts flexible, adaptable design

Rapidly changing markets require companies to respond and adapt faster than ever before. For world-class manufacturers like Honeywell, a flexible, strategically located production plant can be a gamechanger, enabling a faster response time to market.

Having served the Russian market for more than 40 years, the international electronics manufacturing group was looking to expand its physical footprint and localise production to strengthen its local reach. The conglomerate, which specialises in automation, security systems and energy efficiency, commissioned Arup to deliver a new 6,000 m2 production plant in Lipetsk, its first greenfield project in the country.

Opened in January 2019, the Lipetsk manufacturing facility is a large, flexible hall designed to adapt and scale up production to meet changing demand. Encompassing eight different production lines, the plant produces, assembles, tests and stores different products, including fire and gas detection systems, identification and security solutions as well as plant automation systems.

Flexibility was the main design driver with a view to enable the future expansion of the plant’s facilities – the main production area, assembly stations, laboratories, warehouses and office space - with minimal risks and costs.

Arup delivered the entire scope of the project, including pre-design, design and execution services for the construction of the new plant. The use of BIM modelling enabled the coordinated delivery of a range of complex, multi-disciplinary design services across different time zones, including site planning, architecture, structures, building services and specialist design.

Project Summary

8 production lines



Production lines: future-ready, responsive design

Flexibility was the key driver for this new manufacturing plant, located at the heart of Lipetsk’s Special Economic Zone. Arup’s main challenge was to deliver an innovative, adjustable design capable of meeting the different requirements of each unit, while adapting to changes in production and allowing for future expansion. 

Working with Honeywell’s process engineering team, Arup’s team of multidisciplinary designers developed a unique solution that enables the client to alter the number and scale of manufacturing units to respond to changing markets. Independent built-in premises and secondary steel structures as well as bolted connections allow for a full dismantling and relocation of the plant’s structures. This, in turn, guarantees that any future expansion can take place without disrupting production. 

The inside of Honeywell's production plant in Lipetsk, Russia The inside of Honeywell's production plant in Lipetsk, Russia

Our comprehensive BIM model helped to align and coodinate the construction process and to improve the overall quality of site works. ” Renat Laishev Associate, Arup Moscow Office

Digital tools unlock multi-disciplinary collaboration

Designing and implementing this flexible approach would not have been possible without integral BIM modelling. Arup’s Moscow office developed an architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and public health (ASMEP) BIM model, allowing Honeywell to visualise the new production hall, including warehouses and laboratories as well as important factors such as logistics and workplace conditions. 

The coordination of engineering systems and the interface between modelling and analysis software made it possible to significantly reduce the height of the building and minimise the overall consumption of building materials. Arup’s innovative approach also resulted in a reduction of costs and decreased energy consumption of the entire production facility in Lipetsk.