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Hong Kong Shenzen West Corridor; Hong Kong Shenzen West Corridor;

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor, Hong Kong/Shenzhen

A 5.5km long, dual three-lane carriageway linking Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor (SWC, also known as Shenzhen Bay Bridge) is a 5.5km long, dual three-lane carriageway linking Shenzhen and Hong Kong, crossing the ecologically valuable and environmentally sensitive Deep Bay waters.

SWC is jointly implemented by the governments of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with each government responsible for the design and construction of the portion within its own territory. Arup was commissioned by the Hong Kong government as the consultant for the feasibility study (including environmental impact assessment), detailed design, tender documentation, tender assessment and construction supervision for the Hong Kong portion, which is 3.5km long, consisting of a landmark cable-stayed bridge and approach viaducts.

Project Summary

5.5 km duel three-lane carriageway connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen

3.5Kmin Hong Kong including a cable-stayed bridge and approach viaducts

To achieve consistency along the whole SWC, extensive coordination work was required between Arup and its mainland counterpart, which was responsible for the Shenzhen portion of SWC. Despite the different laws, standards and practices of the two sides, the project met the objective of a unified design along the whole alignment, with consistent appearance and load carrying capacity to satisfy the relevant design requirements of both sides. This elegant landmark design preserved the ecosystem and mitigated potential environmental impact.