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Hong Kong Velodrome; Hong Kong Velodrome;

Hong Kong Velodrome, Hong Kong

First world class velodrome in Hong Kong

Occupying a site of 6.6ha, the velodrome comprises a 250m long wooden cycling track, a multi-purpose area and a spectator stand for 3,000 people. It also includes a 6.87 hectare town park which provides amenities to the Hong Kong residents.

Elegant elliptical steel roof

We designed the cycling-helmet shaped roof of which 3D truss system of triangular form is adopted to enhance aesthetics, constructability and cost effectiveness. Through structural optimisation and wind tunnel testing we reduced the total quantity of steel by approximately 15%, which minimised construction costs dramatically.

Integrated roof design

We worked closely with the architect and building services engineers in developing an integrated roofing system which consists of skylight, smoke vent, metal cladding, drainage channel and photovoltaic and solar panels for the generation of renewable energy. 

Project Summary

6.6ha site area for the velodrome development

250mlong wooden cycling track

3,000seatings at the spectator stand


In order to maintain a breezeway corridor across the site, the velodrome roof height is kept to a maximum of 30m above ground. We responded to this environment criterion by carefully selecting a 'shallow' structural system for the velodrome roof in which structures like high mast and arch above 30m were avoided.

The facility will help train up more outstanding cyclists in Hong Kong, striving for better achievement in international competitions and boosting the standard of track cycling in the city.

Photo-voltaic on the roof to conserve energy consumption and generate renewable energy.