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HST Bridge Holland ; HST Bridge Holland ;

HST Bridge Hollands Diep, Rotterdam

Clear structural design for the longest bridge of the high speed train in the Netherlands

The 1,000m long High Speed Train (HST) Hollands Diep bridge was constructed near Rotterdam and crosses one of the many waterways of the Rhine delta. It is a remarkable bridge, along the Dutch part of the HST track from Amsterdam to Paris.

Located between two existing bridges, the bridge sits between the A12 motorway bridge and the 1920 railway bridge.

Designed in close collaboration with BenthemCrouwel, the bridge shows a clear structural design, making a powerful silhouette against the existing railway bridge. The new bridge is held aloft by a structure of open V-shaped piers whose positions exactly correspond to those of its neighbour. A flowing arch at its centre elevates the new one above its older companion.

Trains travelling at 300 kilometres per hour will take 13 seconds to pass over this broad expanse of water.